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GUCCI X MICROSOFT Launch a $10,000 XBOX Series X

Updated: Jan 27

Gucci X Xbox Collab

Gucci have teamed up with Microsoft to drop a limited series of Gucci patterned XBOX Series X consoles limited to 100 examples, accompanied with two controllers and a carry bag. The collaboration is in celebration of Gucci’s 100th anniversary and the XBOX’s 20th birthday, as “Gucci enters the E-sports world” according to Gucci’s listing page.

Both controllers and carry case showcase blue and red stripes inspired by Gucci colour palettes. Decked out in the iconic ‘GG’ pattern, these highly exclusive consoles retailed for USD$10,000 but have already sold out and are already reselling for around $40,000 on third-party websites.

Gucci X Xbox Collab

Gucci X Xbox Collab

Images courtesy of: Gucci

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