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Iron Mike Tyson Earned Over $700 million in his Career and Lost It All

Mike Tyson Net Worth

The former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson, is widely known for having one of the most threatening auras of any man in history. His aggression in the ring was unparalleled, and due to his success in boxing, he amassed more than $700 million during his career. Tyson blew it all.

Today, Mike has a net worth of about $10 million, largely due to ‘Tyson Ranch’, where he cultivates and sells marijuana. Some other contributors to his net worth include his autobiography ‘Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth’ and his return to the ring vs. former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020.

Here are some outrageous tales of Mike’s expenditures:

Mike’s 30th birthday party in 1996 included 700 guests at his Connecticut mansion, including the security of 12 off-duty police officers; he dropped a total of $410,000 for one night of shenanigans. This same property cost Mike $67,000 a month in maintenance costs.

Mike also had estates in Maryland, Ohio and Vegas. Some features that weren’t out of the ordinary for these properties included 10+ bedrooms, pools, basketball courts, gold-plated furniture, ponds, a built-in casino and nightclubs.

As a gift to his ex-wife, Mike purchased what was possibly the most expensive bathtub in the world at $2.2 million.

Tyson employed an animal trainer for $125,000 a year to take care of his Siberian tigers (which he also dropped a fortune on). He also employed an entourage of people whom he paid generously, including bodyguards, drivers, chefs, and gardeners.

Mike purchased over 111 cars ranging from Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Mercedes and vintage Bentleys. Tyson would receive calls from the police about members of his entourage getting pulled over for speeding in cars he forgot he had purchased.

He spent $100,000 a month of jewellery and clothes and roughly $10,000-$12,000 a day on his daily ‘walk around town’.

He would purchase Rolexes for random strangers on the street who paid him a compliment.

It is rumoured he once drove a Mercedes into a BMW dealership and purchased every car in the showroom. That was followed by driving a BMW into a Mercedes dealership and doing the same…

He would often throw out old jackets he found in his closet only to find tens of thousands of dollars of cash stuffed into the pockets.

And finally, people he did not know were living in the different wings of his mansions and helping themselves to his possessions…

Iron Mike really is one of a kind.

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