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9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas

Updated: Jan 28

London’s festive charm comes alive during Christmas, and what better way to embrace the holiday spirit than by treating yourself in the lux rooms of London’s crème de la crème hotels? Here, we’ll explore the top eight magical lobbies, decorated restaurants and lavish suites in Londons luxury hotels where the holiday season comes alive.

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1. The Ritz London – Book here

One of the world’s leading luxury hotels chains, The Ritz-Carlton, is synonymous with luxury and grandeur, and the London franchise is no different. Step into a Christmas wonderland in the heart of Mayfair, where opulent decorations and a grand tree in the lobby set the scene for a magical stay. From cosy suites to elaborate penthouses, The Ritz offers a range of decadent accommodations. Embrace tradition with festive afternoon teas and special holiday events, making The Ritz one of London’s finest for the holiday season.

most expensive london hotels
Image - International Traveller

2. Claridge’s – Book here

In Mayfair one again (a common occurrence), Claridge’s stands as a beacon of Art Deco opulence during Christmas. The lobby is a masterpiece of creativity, immersing guests in a grand holiday ambiance. Choose from chic rooms to lush suites for a luxurious escape. Claridge’s culinary offerings during Christmas are worth a special mention, with special menus showcasing the finest in seasonal flavours.

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image - WWD

The Dorchester – Book here

Experience Christmas elegance at The Dorchester on the illustrious Park Lane. The lobby is transformed into a festive showcase, featuring a grand Christmas tree radiating timeless charm. Classic rooms, suites, and ornate penthouses cater to big-spending guests, offering the ultimate Christmas getaway. Impeccable service and attention to detail define The Dorchester experience. The Dorchester packs a surplus of history and is widely known as the finest hotel England’s capital has to offer.

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas

The Connaught – Book here

Captivating with its stylish design, The Connaught in Mayfair transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas. The lobby is a platform for creativity, engrossing guests in a magical atmosphere. From stylish rooms to spacious suites, The Connaught has always been and is dedicated to providing a premium experience. The connaught is decked out head to toe in mahogany wood and showcases timeless English history and charm. 

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image - SF077

Brown’s Hotel – Book here

Steeped in timeless elegance, Brown’s Hotel offers a Christmas experience that stacks up highly worldwide. The lobby, adorned with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, generates a festive ambiance. Choose from classic rooms to spacious suites, where luxuriousness is woven into every detail. Brown’s Hotel provides a retreat that feels like a home away from home during the holiday season. Once more, Brown’s Hotel incorporates a common theme on this list, old English charm. Loads of dark woods and antique furniture.

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image - Browns Hotel

The Savoy – Book here

An iconic hotel along the Thames, The Savoy combines classic style with a special Christmas atmosphere. The lobby, adorned with carefully curated decorations and the hotels iconic black and white chequered tiled flooring, sets the stage for a festive experience. Luxurious room options cater to diverse tastes, ensuring a comfortable stay. The Savoy’s Christmas offerings extend beyond the room, creating a holiday experience that captivates the senses. Rooms at the Savoy boast views of the iconic Thames River, and its grand entry when you arrive by car is arguably the most prestigious and grandeur on this list.

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image: Foyer London

The Langham – Book here

In what is Langham’s first ever hotel built in 1865 and with Victorian charm and modern luxury at the forefront, The Langham offers a Christmas experience blending the old and the new. The lobby, a testament to creativity, is spread with festive touches capturing the spirit of the season where Christmas joy is spread across its many white marble pillars. The range of room types reflects a commitment to luxury, providing guests with elegant rooms and spacious suites. 

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image: The Handbook

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park – Book here

Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park has a striking appearance with its impressive architecture. The lobby, a harmonious blend of sophistication and charm, creates an enchanting atmosphere that makes guests gasp as they enter the lobby. The range of room types ensures a luxurious stay, with contemporary design elements and opulent furnishings. The hotel’s holistic Christmas experience includes festive menus, combining 5-star culinary excellence with the joy of the season.

9 of the Best Luxury Hotels in London to Spend a Festive Christmas
Image - Mandarin Oriental

The Berkeley – Book here

The Berkeley in Westminster is positioned on the South East corner of Hyde Park, proving the perfect location for guests that frequent the areas of Knightsbridge and Mayfair. Thee Berkeley is a particular favourite among a younger crowd, straying away from the classic British charm and opting for a more modern, sleek feel. The hotel has captivating fairy lights above its driveway, often hanging above a Bentley or Rolls-Royce. Christmas at The Berkeley is a unique experience, and an unforgettable one at that.

most expensive london hotels
Image: Designboom

In conclusion, these eight London hotels offer a magical Christmas experience, each contributing its unique blend of decorative creativity, luxurious accommodations, and prime locations. Here, in the magical city of London, you’re sure to find a Christmas retreat that exceeds expectations and creates lasting memories in the heart of the bustling capital.


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