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Jingella Estate in Kangaroo Valley – Where Luxury Meets Environmental Sustainability: An EC Review

Updated: Jan 28

Jingella Estate - Kangaroo Valley

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle to breathe in clean country air is one of life’s great pleasures. There’s something about rolling green hills, dirt roads, and soaring wedge-tailed eagles that makes you contemplate leaving the concrete metropolis behind and embracing the simplicity of country life. Just a two-hour drive from Sydney, Kangaroo Valley is somewhere you can effortlessly relax. Jingella Estate, nestled between the paddocks and ridges of the Southern Highlands, provides an eco-luxe getaway with three individual villas that balance a perfect blend of ecological sustainability and modern luxury. In these meadows, life slows down.

Jingella Estate, meaning “green banks’ in the language of Indigenous people, plays a crucial role in preserving the land’s traditional beauty. With minimal ecological impact in mind, the three villas— ‘Kaya, Yaama, and Palya’—are strategically positioned at the base of a picturesque valley that borders Barrengarry Creek. The 146-acre estate is yours to explore as a guest. Whether it’s swimming or kayaking in the Olympic-sized natural creek, ideal for starting your morning, or taking a bush walk through the fields where potential encounters with kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, goats, deer, foxes, ducks, and even echidnas add to the magic.


After spending two nights in Kaya, you can’t help but feel that countryside living is meant for you. Kaya was our chosen villa for the weekend, and “special” best describes our accommodation. The spacious 2-bed, 2-bath villa has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The kitchen is stocked with all the essentials to make you feel like Gordon Ramsay, a smart TV with Netflix running, a natural fireplace burning, and a glass of wine in hand—need I say more? A crucial aspect, personally, of good accommodation is a plush bed. The villas boast high-quality bedding, evident from my uninterrupted 9-hour slumber that I don’t remember falling asleep to.

If open-air living is your preference (and why wouldn’t it be?), why not open the glass sliding doors to the outdoor seating area and fire pit. As 6 pm approaches, the golden hours are upon you. From 6pm until sunset, the sun reflects off the sandstone escarpment directly facing your villa. The more golden the cliff face becomes; the more magic unfolds. Note: These dusk hours are best experienced with a glass of cold rosé, a charcuterie board, and a game of Scrabble. Kaya can be best described as world-class luxury, supreme comfort, and pure bliss—all isolated from the outside world!


Although you may feel like you’re hours away from civilisation, you’re actually just 10 minutes from the town centre of Kangaroo Valley, which offers all your countryside essentials: a bakery, cafes, gift shops, and a great pub. If you fancy exploring the local area, consider a cold drink at The Friendly Inn Hotel, coffee at The General Cafe, or a browse at The Nostalgia Factory gift shop, (hint: get in early and grab fresh donuts from Terre and Mare Pizzeria and Italian Bakery.) If adventure is what you seek, check out Fitzroy Falls and Belmore Falls for great views. But remember, you have your very own swimmable creek just a walk away, all inside Jingella Estate.

Ecological Benefits

Having explored luxury, let’s delve into the environment. Jingella Estate operates completely off the grid. This means the villas are solar-powered, water is sourced from harvested rainwater that undergoes filtration, and wastewater is treated onsite in an advanced enviro septic system. With environmental consciousness at the forefront, Jingella Estate is pioneering luxury with zero environmental impact. By embracing the future and playing its part in sustainability, staying at Jingella Estate allows you the comfort of knowing you’ve made the safest, wisest, and most logical choice for rural accommodation.

Convinced yet? This is an absolute must. We’re continually looking for reasons and excuses to escape the rat race of the big city. It’s time to let your hair down, breathe in the deep, clean country air, and savour the simple pleasures—like toasting marshmallows at your Eco-Luxe cabin on Jingella Estate.

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