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The 10 Most Prestigious, Exclusive and Premium Office Towers in Sydney

Updated: Jan 28

Harbour views, private gyms, cafés, fine dining, state-of-the-art technology and modern fitouts. What more could you ask for in a place of work? Sydney hosts some iconic skyscrapers that add their charm and stature to the city’s skyline. With striking architecture and feats of construction capabilities, here are our top 10 most prestigious, exclusive and premium office towers in Sydney.

1. Governor Phillip & Macquarie Towers or One Farrer Place – 

Notable Tenants: MinterEllison, Goldman Sachs, King & Wood Mallesons 

Nestled in the financial district, Governor Phillip Tower strikes a unique balance between modern architecture and historical allusions. Designed by architects Denton Corker Marshall, the 54-story skyscraper, completed in 1994, pays homage to Australia’s convict history while embracing contemporary design principles. Governor Phillip Tower is not merely an iconic structure; it’s a symbol of corporate eminence. Housing multinational corporations and prestigious legal and finance firms, the tower exudes an air of authority that resonates with businesses seeking a distinguished address in the heart of Sydney’s financial district. Many of the highest-grossing and largest companies in the world host their Australian headquarters here. 

Governor Phillip & Macquarie Towers or One Farrer Place
Image: One Farrer

2. International Towers – 1 Barangaroo Place

Notable Tenants: HSBC, PWC, KPMG, Lendlease, Westpac

The International Towers in Barangaroo represents a new era in Sydney’s office tower landscape. This waterfront precinct, developed in recent years, is a shining example of urban renewal. With its sustainable design and emphasis on community spaces, 1 Barangaroo Place offers a fresh perspective on what it means to work in an exclusive corporate environment. The International Towers are not just a collection of office towers; it’s a vision of the future. With its commitment to sustainability, innovative design, and a diverse range of amenities, this precinct attracts businesses looking to make a statement not just about their success but also their commitment to a modern, vibrant, and eco-conscious corporate culture. In an increasingly eco-conscious world, it’s no wonder global companies are moving into Barangaroo, a pioneer in modern workplace environments. 

Image: Wikipedia

3. Salesforce Tower – 180 George Street

Notable Tenants: Salesforce, Wellington Management, JLL 

The Salesforce Tower, a beacon of contemporary architecture, stands tall in Sydney’s Central Business District, showcasing the innovative brilliance of architectural firm WilkinsonEyre. Recently completed in 2022, this iconic structure offers panoramic views of the city through its floor-to-ceiling windows, setting a new standard for premium office spaces with its sleek design and cutting-edge facilities. As a recent addition to Sydney’s corporate scene, Salesforce Tower symbolises success, growth, and a commitment to excellence. It’s completion in 2022 aligns with a modern vision for the city’s corporate landscape and positions it as a key player in shaping the future of Sydney’s business district after already playing host to juggernauts in the corporate world.

Image: Outbound Mobility

4. Chifley Tower – 2 Chifley Square

Notable Tenants: Blackrock, UBS, Morgan Stanley

Designed by renowned architect Kohn Pedersen Fox, this 50-story skyscraper captures attention with its distinctive diamond-shaped façade. Completed in 1992, Chifley Tower has become an integral part of Sydney’s skyline, offering panoramic views of the harbour and beyond. What sets Chifley Tower apart is not just its physical grandeur but the aura of prestige that envelops it. Home to international financial institutions and high-profile law firms, the tower is a magnet for businesses that seek not just office space but a statement of eminence in the corporate world.

Image: Wikipedia

5. AMP Building or Quay Quarter – 50 Bridge Street 

Notable Tenants: Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Deloitte, IMC

After a recent and heavily publicised redevelopment, the all-new 49-storey Quay Quarter building (old AMP tower) has proved a smash hit among architectural and construction experts after being named 2023’s Best Tall Building Worldwide by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Given the history of the formerly known AMP Tower, the now award-winning and globally recognised tower is the talk among top-tier businesses. The presence of such esteemed tenants adds to the building’s corporate magnetism, as it becomes a hub for industry leaders and influential companies.

Image: Azure Magazine

6. EY Centre – 200 George Street 

Notable Tenants: EY, AGL, Mirvac 

The EY Centre is a seamless fusion of innovation and elegance, and is the creation of the globally acclaimed architects FJMT. Finished in 2016 and nestled in Sydney’s CBD, this prestigious tower boasts a façade that marries cutting-edge design with sustainable architecture. The EY Centre provides expansive views of Sydney Harbour, emphasising its commitment to both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. Hosting esteemed tenants paired with its idyllic central CBD location, the EY Centre has become a hub for major players in the professional services and real estate industries. The presence of these reputable corporations is what creates the EY Centre’s demand for corporate respect, making it a sought-after address for businesses seeking a high-profile location.


7. Deutsche Bank Place – 126 Phillip Street

Notable Tenants: Allens, Deutsche Bank

Situated in Sydney’s financial heart, Deutsche Bank Place completed in 2005 is the brainchild of Peddle Thorp Architects. The tower’s unique façade captures attention, showcasing a perfect blend of traditional corporate values and modern architectural brilliance. With opulent interiors and strategic views of the Harbour Bridge, Deutsche Bank Place stands as a cornerstone of Sydney’s corporate prestige, hosting big name players in the finance and legal game.


Deutsche Bank, Sydney

8. Grosvenor Place – 225 George Street

Notable Tenants: Colliers, Mitsubishi Australia, Lendi

Grosvenor Place, a harmonious blend of luxury and functionality completed in 1988, was envisioned by the legendary Harry Seidler & Associates. With its sleek design and premium amenities, this tower caters to the discerning needs of corporate elites. Grosvenor Place’s prime location ensures breathtaking views of Sydney Opera House and the Royal Botanic Garden, creating an inspiring work environment that reflects the design sensitivity of Harry Seidler & Associates. Hosting its share of prestigious tenants, Grosvenor Place has become a sought-after business address. The calibre of its tenants adds to the tower’s corporate respect, as it attracts and accommodates key players in various industries.

Image: CommercialRealEstate

9. Australia Square – 264 George Street

Notable Tenants: Dexus,

Australia Square, designed by the legendary architect Harry Seidler, mentioned above, was a trailblazer in modern architecture when it was completed in 1967. Its cylindrical form and glass façade were revolutionary for their time, and today, the tower stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of mid-century modern design. Australia Square’s legacy extends beyond its architectural significance; it commands corporate recognition as a prestigious business address. Housing a mix of financial institutions, legal firms, and multinational corporations, the tower continues to be a symbol of enduring elegance in Sydney’s competitive real estate landscape.


10. 48-50 Martin Place – 48-50 Martin Place

Notable Tenants: Macquarie Group Global Headquarters

Located in the heart of you guessed it, Martin Place, is a building steeped in history. Originally constructed in the early 20th century, the building underwent significant redevelopment to transform it into the modern architectural marvel that stands today. Its construction and subsequent renovations have contributed to the building’s evolution into a key player in Sydney’s corporate landscape. After serving as the global headquarters for Commonwealth bank for decades, its address is synonymous with prominence, making it a coveted choice for businesses seeking a central and prestigious location. A pleasant change from modern architecture where a surplus of glass, 90 degree angles and cookie cutter facades rule the roost. Here, in the historic Martin Place, heritage charm is triumphant.

Image: Arup

48-50 Martin Place

Honourable mention: 85 Castlereagh Street or the ‘J.P Morgan Tower’

Host to tenants like J.P Morgan, Scentre, Russell Investments this attractive and glass-heavy tower is a hub for finance and consulting firms.

Image: 151 Property

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