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You’ve Heard of the Bugatti Chiron, But Did You Know They Have a Watch?

Updated: Jan 27

Chiron Tourbillon - Bugatti Watch

Bugatti and Jacob & Co. have already released a handful of exclusive pieces, but this drop might be the most outrageous. In late 2020, the Chiron Tourbillon was released at a retail price of USD$560,000.

The wristwatch is inspired by the mechanics in the Bugatti Chiron, with a miniature reproduction of the Chiron’s W16-cylinder engine. Not to mention, this 578-piece watch is absolutely iced out all over with approximately 190 baguette white diamonds, 109 baguette black sapphires and 42 baguette orange sapphires, all encapsulated in the 18-karat white gold case, which is powered by the iconic flying tourbillon tilted at 30 degrees.

Chiron Tourbillion - Bugatti Watch

When released, there were four limited edition colours available of the over half a million-dollar series, including Rose Gold, Rose Gold with diamonds, White Gold and Sapphire Crystal, with the second edition also available in blue.

Chiron Tourbillion - Bugatti Watch

Bugatti have already released a set of Chiron Tourbillons, which were released for $280,000 and limited to 250 examples, so you’ll need to cough up at least double for the latest models. But hey, at least it’s cheaper than a Bugatti Chiron hyper-car that slings for a cool $3 million.

Images: Jacob & Co.

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