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6HEAD 1788: An EC Review

Updated: Jan 27

Come for the steak, stay for the views. This restaurant epitomises luxurious Sydney dining. Nestled ideally in the historic Campbell’s Stores building in Campbell’s Cove between the Park Hyatt and Overseas Passenger Terminal, the views are unparalleled picturesque scenes of Sydney’s iconic Opera House. Established in 2019, 6HEAD 1788 offers the finest steaks Australia has to offer. The reasoning behind the name is allegedly because the First Fleet brought with them only 6 head of black cattle, two bulls and four cows, that they picked up in South Africa en route to Australia. 1788 given the year Australia was colonised.

EC had the pleasure of dining at 6HEAD 1788 and can safely say it was one of the best dining experiences we’ve had. The dimly lit, multi-level dining rooms include historical themes showcasing that of Cook’s settlement history. While specialising in steak, the quality doesn’t end there with items such as a Half-Sydney Rock Lobster, Dry-Aged Beef Burger and Squid Ink Risotto also on offer. A couple of touches we thought were well received was the staff will show you the steak you ordered with all relevant information prior to cooking (see image at end of article). Secondly, going the extra mile is when the logo is printed everywhere – the table, the napkins, wine glasses etc. Finally, cutting the steak in front of you – like all quality restaurants should do!

The menu is split into seven sections: *examples of items, see full menu for all items*

Signature Snacks’ including Appellation Oysters (HD or D), Caviar Oscietra, Calamari

Get Started’ including King Prawns, Scallops, Kingfish Ceviche

Steak Selection’ including Dry Aged Tomahawk 1.5kg, 350g Rib Eye, Fillet 300g

Wagyu Steaks’ including Signature Tomahawk MB9+, 1kg T-Bone, MB9+

Something Else’ including Dry Aged Game Farm Duck, Sydney Rock Lobster, Murray Cod

A Bit on the Side’ including Wagyu Potato, Broccolini & XO Butter, Truffle Mash

Sweet Ending’ including Buttermilk Pannacotta, Rice Pudding and Chocolate and Malt Tart

Our Experience: 

Kicking things off with a dozen of appellation oysters and these rank in our top three all time oysters. Served at the perfect temperature on a bed of rock salt/ice, and no overpowering taste of fishiness. The kingfish ceviche was dressed in a garlic creme fraiche and citrus dressing and garnished with what looks to be fresh chilli and rings of spanish onion. Delicious, melt in your mouth thin slices of kingfish. This dish is highly recommended. The king prawns were dressed in XO butter and chilli sauce and coriander, gifting a minor kick of spice but not overpowering. Another stand-out dish.

We went big on the main event, because when in Rome. We ordered the 1.5kg Dry-Aged Tomahawk which was superbly nailed medium-rare. When I say I could cut this steak with one pull of a butter knife, I mean it. A steak so soft, rich in flavour and seasoned perfectly you felt like nibbling on the bone for hours. 10/10. We also ordered the 1kg T-Bone MB9+. Again perfectly cooked medium-rare, not quite as soft as the tomahawk but still the perfect quality and consistency you’d expect at fine dining steakhouses.

On the side we opted for the Wagyu Potato and Chips. Chips were crispy and well seasoned, and the wagyu potato was triple cooked accompanied by wagyu fat on a bed of creme fraiche sauce. The outside was crunchy as anything with the inside ever so soft.

For dessert we enjoyed the chocolate and malt tart which offered a creamy chocolate filling with that perfect break-apart crusty base.

All paired with a couple of bottles of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, complimenting the rich steaks. Choose your wine via personal preference.

The food, ambience and service was faultless. We highly recommend 6HEAD 1788 for your next steakhouse experience in Sydney.

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