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The Most Expensive Plane Tickets You Can Book Right Now

Updated: Jan 27

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking…..” For the vast majority of us, first class, or even business class tickets are unattainable – or, not worth the exorbitant price tag. For those where money is no object, the ability to travel in luxury is one of the many benefits of having deep pockets. Flight tickets are at some of the highest prices in history largely due to airlines crippling loss of revenue during the covid pandemic, and in a bid to recover, some airlines have opted to inflate prices by nearly 200%. In this list however, when we’re talking about tens of thousands of dollars for a single flight – customers of this calibre aren’t too concerned about inflation. It’s lux middle-eastern giant Etihad Airways that takes out our top spot with their famous ‘The Residence’ suite, which is accompanied by a price tag that is double the sum of second place….

Virgin Atlantic A333neo First Class – London (LHR) to Los Angeles (LAX) – $33,000 AUD

Virgin’s $33,000 one way ticket includes access to an unorthodox first class arrangement. With access to the “Retreat”, which is a front of vehicle spacious suite with space for activities, eating and mingling for up to four people. Your ticket also includes access to “The Loft” lounge, which Virgin installed on all its A350 aircrafts and operates between London to Los Angeles, holding a capacity of 8 people. 

Korean A380 First Class – New York (JFK) to Seoul (ICN) – $42,000

Korea Air has been making a name for itself in the last few years as an exclusive airline for the hyper-wealthy. Seoul, a major tech and business hub well-known for it’s futuristic landscape, is ranked 16th for number of billionaire residents and is home to over 5,000 millionaires. Korean Airlines aimed to produce a first class suite that exceeds tech expectations. High partitions and state-of-the-art high-resolution TV screens provide a luxury movie experience in the clouds. 

Emirates A380 First Class – Los Angeles (LAX) to Dubai (DXB) – $46,000

Aboard the largest aircraft that Emirates has to offer is a ticket that transports those willing to cough up the sky-high (pun-intended) price tag with access to a spa bathroom and spacious shower. Convenience is key with a private suite that maids are happy to transform into a bed on command. A large TV stacked with the latest movies and TV shows, in addition to five-star restaurant quality meals give Emirates the edge when it comes to first class luxury.

Etihad Airways A380 First Class – New York (JFK) to Abu Dhabi (AUH) – $99,000

Bookable from March 2023 after a brief absence, ‘The Residence’ suite, once a three-room 430-square-feet luxury suite aboard Etihad’s A380 is returning, but this time there are three. In a bid to one-up first class, the middle-eastern conglomerate holds the throne with the most expensive commercial airline ticket available. Luxuries include a queen size bed, private bathroom, three course meals with endless high-end champagne and drinks, and of course, a chauffeur service to and from the airport. 

For those wanting to experience such opulence, get in line. There can often be a long waitlist for such a desired ticket.


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