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Aviva: Inside the $210 Million Megalodon Superyacht 

Updated: Jan 27

Aviva Superyacht

At 98.4 metres in length and a beam of 17.24 metres, she is the 46th longest yacht in the world.

The custom-designed yacht is owned by renowned British businessman and majority shareholder in Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Joe Lewis, who wanted the design to be centralised around a full-size padel court. He spends many months of the year aboard his beloved Aviva, as well as his other three superyachts. That is if he is not spending the summer months in his Bahamas compound.

Lewis chose Abeking & Rasmussen to deliver his imagination, and that they did in 2017. The biggest ship they had ever developed was around 82 metres, so they needed to extend their build shed to accommodate future projects up to 125 metres for Aviva.

Aviva has a top speed of 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. She can accommodate 16 guests in 7 cabins, and there is room for up to 20 crew members. After extensive research by the manufacturers and engineers involved, extra watertight doors and armoured VIP cabins were added in addition to the extra armoury on the wheelhouse so that they could be sealed off to save the boat. This was due to an incident involving the Queen Elizabeth 2 after coming into contact with a large rogue wave that shattered the wheelhouse windows.

The interior is a spec of beauty; Lewis’ design brief was just that, brief. He was quoted saying, “nothing symmetrical, had to be curvy or organic, no wood, nothing traditional.” This was executed perfectly, with barely a straight line onboard, and rich organic patterns spread throughout.

Aviva is estimated to cost around USD$15-25 million to operate per year. With endless lounging areas, sun-bathing decks, and the largest gym aboard any superyacht in existence, Aviva packs unrivalled beauty into all 98 metres of superyacht.

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