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Ferrari-Inspired Hyperyacht: Introducing the Gran Turismo Mediterrenea

Ferrari Gran Turismo Mediterrenea

The crossover between luxury boating and the world of supercars has been a hot discussion among motor enthusiasts after Lamborghini introduced the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, in which MMA star Conor Mcgregor was one of the first buyers of the heavily anticipated vessel. Ferrari have returned serve and in doing so have unveiled the Gran Turismo Mediterranea Hyperyacht by Lazzarini Design. Lazzarini Design have been responsible for creating some of the most bold maritime designs we’ve ever seen. The Gran Turismo Mediterrenea is capable of gliding at a red-hot 70 knots, all while incorporating a smooth and comfortable ride.

Some standout Ferrari features include a racing-style cockpit, gullwing passenger doors and Ferrari curves on the body. The yacht is 27 metres long, 6.3 metres high, and has a beam of 6.7 metres. There is space for four guests and three crew members, a formal dining area and a casual lounging room, all decked out in high-end, Italian crafted materials. Perhaps the most outrageous feature is the rear platform, which can be used as a spacious sundeck or parking for your La Ferraria.

Lazzarini’s inspiration stemmed from their passion of luxury boats and opulent motors. “We tried to imagine how a Ferrari of the seas would look like,” they said. Lazzarini have submitted no cement plans to have the design built. However, they have quoted that if the right buyer came along they would definitely consider it.

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