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The World’s First Private Helicopter: The Bond Villain Chopper

Updated: Jan 27


It might be a little less extravagant; there are no beds, and it’s not as ideal for the Instagram flex as a private jet, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and more convenient. British aviation giant Hill Helicopters has unveiled what is believed to be the first fully private helicopter. The Hill HX50 is designed and manufactured specifically for private owners rather than fleet staff and services.

With a 400 hp engine, the cruising speed of the HX50 is 161 mph, with a range of 806 miles. The chopper seats 5 (including the pilot) and has a sleek, futuristic body — like something straight out of the imagination of Elon Musk — that can be finished in green, orange, red, black or white. The cockpit is said to be mostly digital, with two 15-inch iPads governing some controls.

As a personal thank you, purchasers are invited to Hill’s factory in England to custom-build their ideal copter, allowing the customer to design up to 51% of their personal chopper, assisted every step of the way by a team of engineers and technicians.

Prices are expected to start at $648,000 (£495,000), and production is anticipated for the early stages of 2023. Could we see the start of a niche market for private chopper travel? 



Images: Hill Helicopters

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